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Gardening in Phoenix, or in many places of the Southwest, is different from many other part of the US, and many gardening books written for Europe or the East Coast don't apply here. This site will be dedicated to unique aspect of the US southwest deserts.

This site is an offshoot of and I can be contacted there.


Find your Arizona Climate Zone

What to do in April in Phoenix and the low deserts:
  • Weeding: April and May are the worst months. If you have done your homework in winter, you should be all right, else do your best and plan for more prevention next year.
  • Planting: Except for bedding plants, your summer planting should be finished now: summer really starts in May in Phoenix, so it is your very last chance. It is the best month for tropical plants like Bougainvillea, Lantana, Citrus, etc.
  • Lawn: Weed and feed your Bermuda grass lawn. It starts growing when the night temperature stays above sixty. Re-seed bare patches.
  • Roses: Remove dead flowers and fertilize roses after each bloom period for a final crop before hot weather.
  • Citrus: Check that all the trunk parts of citrus and young trees that are exposed to the sun are painted white. This keeps them cooler and protects them from sunburn. Use white latex paint diluted with water (1 volume white flat latex paint for 1 volume water)
  • What to sow:Balsam, Basil, Scarlet Runner Bean, Celosia Cockscomb, Cosmos, Dahlia, Four O'clock, Gaillardia, Gloriosa Daisy, Gourds, Hollyhocks, Kochia, Marigold, Nasturnium, Portulaca, Salvia, Shasta Daisy, Sunflower, Thunbergia, Vinca, Zinnia
  • In the vegetable garden: Plant cantaloupe, eggplant, peppers, pumpkin, summer squash, watermelon, winter squash.

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